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Lash Artist Box

JB Lashes Takeover Box- November

JB Lashes Takeover Box- November

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  • Power Volume Adhesive-Power Volume is highly flexible and offers incredible retention, keeping your clients’ lashes on point for a full seven weeks. It’s a dream to work with in all humidities, and its ultra-thin consistency makes it ideal for applying Mega Volume and Volume lash sets. 

  • Pre-Made 5D fans allow for quick sets and fills so that Lash Stylists can book more appointments in a day.

  • Each tray contains 15 rows of lashes -black finish.

  • Ultra-Light Flat Matte Lashes -Lashes features a split tip with a flat base instead of the traditional round for the look of 0.20 thickness but actual weight of only 0.07mm. Gives your clients more drama without weighing down lashes, perfect for those with thin lashes that experience pre-mature lash fall out.

  • Ultra Grip Eye Pads- These under-eye gel pads have a smooth, lint-free, and slip-free surface with the perfect amount of gel that makes lashing an absolute breeze. Clients can even enjoy them at home for a burst of hydration that reduces puffiness and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles around the eye.

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