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Lash Artist Box

January Lost Artisty Lash Takeover Box

January Lost Artisty Lash Takeover Box

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The Lost Artisry takeover box has over $150 worth of product for only $55

Lost Artistry’s first cyanoacrylate free, oil-resistant lash adhesive. Cyano-Free is the best cyanoacrylate free glue in the lash industry.

Did you know? Cyanoacrylate is the most common allergen in eyelash extension adhesives. If you have clients who are allergic or sensitive to cyanoacrylate, Cyano•Free adhesive may work on them!

Oil resistant
Up to 8 week retention
Very strong hold
Works in a wide range of humidity (rH) between 30-70%
Works well in a temperature range between 20-25 degrees celsius
Sets in 3-4 seconds
Thin viscosity
Low fume level
Latex and formaldehyde free
Black finish
5 ml


The DIY Citizen Lash Variety Pack is the perfect budget friendly sampler to get a taste of our styles without breaking the bank. Whether you're a devotee of natural lash looks or crave a dash of dramatic flair, we've created variety packs tailored to your desires. For those who want to try them all, we recommend combining our Natural Lash Lovers and Dramatic Lash Lovers variety packs to access all of our exclusive styles.


Slim Boot, microfiber version. Designed for the lash artist who prefers to use less tension when gripping Volume or Mega Volume fans. The ribbed texture inside grips the fans in such a way that less pressure/tension is necessary, in turn, easing hand and wrist stress, making the fanning process (or pre-fan pickup) less stressful.

Lost Artistry Premium Volume Eyelash Extensions are perfect for the handmade volume artist who enjoys making their own volume lash fans. Volume lashes come in diameters .10, .07, .05 and .03 in lengths 5-18mm and are great for Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume lash extension services.




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