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Lash Artist Box

December Thousand Lash Takeover Box

December Thousand Lash Takeover Box

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This thousand Lash takeover box has over $100 worth of product for only $55!

Primer- It is designed to prepare lashes before the application of eyelash extensions. Better glue retention! The primer promotes reliable bonds, contributing to longer extension wear and helping to prevent their early fallout.

Adhesive- Ultra crystal bond works in humidity 25% – 75% (recommended 40%) and temperature 65 – 74 F. Retention is 7 – 8 weeks.

Clients love this adhesive since it does not have a strong odor and doesn’t leave any residue or film on the lashes.


Our NUDE 90 DEGREE TWEEZER is the only tool you'll need for any type of volume lash work, whether you're doing light volume or taking it up a notch with mega volume! The tip has a gentle curve, making it incredibly easy to create full, wide volume fans. Plus, this tweezer allows for excellent control, helping you position each lash precisely where you want it, hassle-free.


Gel Cleanser-This gentle gel cleanser is designed specifically for lash artists who want to offer their clients a healthy, effective way to care for their lashes before or after service but also want something that won't harm their natural lashes.

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