The Dream Team



The Mad Hatter | Madeline Gabor

Branding & Web Design

Madeline loves supporting badass business women in scaling their businesses online through visual design and being their right-hand woman for all things entrepreneurship. She’s a regular with lash extensions, and she dreams of one day taking her first lash nap but hasn’t decided if she’s up for nixing the coffee.

LAB Ashley.png

The Dot Connecter | Ashley Sieving

Social Media

Ashley is the pulse behind the screen at The L.A.B. She’s about helping businesses be unmistakably themselves so that they can truly connect across social media platforms. Yes, you can slide into her DMs. Say hey!

LAB Heather.png

The Pic Chic | Heather Pelko

Product Photographer

You’ll find Heather behind the lens taking all of the stunning shots of The L.A.B. goodies. She is the flatlay queen.