+ What is the Lash Artist Box?

The LAB is a bi-monthly subscription box service which caters to professional lash artists helping them to discover new products and companies.

Each box contains lash related items which can range from lashes, adhesives, cleansers, retail and self-pampering items, and products NEW to market! What also sets us apart is the addition of valuable education that subscribers will gain access to through our private FB group. It also helps the artist to utilize the tools from the box within their business. Oh, and let's not forget the AMAZING extra discounts from the companies included in that months box!

So to sum it up...lash stuff, lash discounts, lash exclusivity, lash education and lash fun!

+ How is the L.A.B. priced?

The box is delivered to your doorstep every other month for only $47. We are based in the US and shipping is included in the price for all US residents!

If you live outside of the US you may still purchase the box, plus the cost of shipping. International shipping rates will show up at checkout once you've entered in your address.

Think of it this way: For the (average) price you charge for a one hour lash fill, you can invest back into your business every two months to help make your life easier, more exciting, and discover new lash products! Education is available through our private FB group for subscribers. ALL of the things for only $47?! Yep. We told you it was awesome.

+ The L.A.B. is sold out! When will enrollment open again?

The L.A.B. is open for enrollment on the 1st of the following months until it is sold out: December 2018, February 2019, April 2019, June 2019 and so on. We are only open for enrollment until boxes sell out, and they sell out quickly! Be sure to get on the waitlist, and we’ll notify you the next time the L.A.B. is open for enrollment.



+ When will my first box arrive?

The L.A.B. is a bi-monthly subscription box.

This means you’ll receive a box in the mail every other month. Your box arrives the month after you place your order. For example, if you sign up during the October enrollment window, your first box will arrive in early November.

+ I'm subscribed! Do I have do anything to make sure I receive the next box?

Once you’re subscribed, you're all set to receive a new box filled with goodies every other month! You have access to every single box until you cancel.




+ When will I be billed for my L.A.B.?

You are billed upon subscribing to the L.A.B., and then every other month after that on the 11th of the month.

+ Why am I billed on months I don’t receive a box?

You’re billed on the in-between months to help us make sure that we have enough time to curate and fulfill the packages.

+ How does the L.A.B. show up on my billing statement?

The charge will show up as "The Lash Artist Box".

Remember, you will be billed the day you subscribe to the L.A.B. and then every other month after that. You'll receive your first box the month after you subscribe, and then every other month after that! One month you pay, the next month you receive, the next month you pay, the following month you receive, etc.

+ How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, log in here using the account information you provided at checkout.